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The Flare Radio Competition page

The Competition page has been quite popular, although not many people submit correct answers. Prizes.are usually gift vouchers or a CD of Laser 558. At the moment the competition is taking a break. Why not have a go at some puzzles and games? Our crossword includes some offshore radio words!


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The form below may be used for any future Flare Radio competitions.

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Flare Radio Competition No. 10


Prize: Gift voucher for US$ 20
Winner: Dany Ferland
Questions (answers in italics):

1. Which offshore radio station in the 60s broadcast a funeral service for "Frankie The Fly"?
Radio London
2. Many offshore radio jingles of the 60s were created by PAMS. What do the letters of the company stand for?
Production Advertising Merchandising Service
3. What was the name of the vessel used to broadcast tests by CNBC (Commercial Neutral Broadcasting Company) in 1961?
MV Borkum Riff
4) An image of a gold radioship can be found by exploring the pages of this site. What is the word on the side of the ship?
(This was also question no. 4 in Competition no. 9, which nobody won)
 There were 3 pirates to be found. Pirate 1 appeared occasionally on the Home page and told you the username. Pirate 2 sometimes appeared on the Competition page and told you the password. Pirate 3 was on another server and could be found by clicking on the centre of the Laser CD photo on the Competition page (Pirate 1 gave a small clue to this). Pirate 3 told you to go to the sister site (link at bottom of Home page) and log on to the members area.  This revealed a picture of a golden radioship with "Utopia" written on the side.

Flare Radio Competition No. 9

Prize: Laser CD
Winner: No winner
Questions (answers in italics):

1. Name the fort used by BBMS, Britain's Better Music Station
 Knock John
2. Which offshore radio magazine was edited by Roland C. "Buster" Pearson?
3. Who was British Postmaster General in 1967?
 Edward Short
4) An image of a gold radioship can be found by exploring the pages of this site. What is the word on the side of the ship?
The name and extact location of the ship will be revealed after the closing date for Competition no. 10.

Flare Radio Competition No. 8

Prize: Laser CD
Winner: No winner
Questions (answers in italics):

For competition no. 8, a cutting from Time and Tide magazine of a Radio London schedule in the 60s had a bit of censorship! To have won the prize Laser CD*, you would have had to be the first to answer the following questions correctly:

1. What is the name of the show at 11am on weekdays?
Coffee Break
2. Who is on at 12 noon weekdays, 11am Saturdays, and does the 11am Fab 40 show on Sundays?
Tony Brandon
3. What is the name of the "show" on at 7pm every day?
The World Tomorrow
4. What could you listen to at 7.30am on Sundays?
Herald of Truth

 You can see the uncensored schedule here.

 Flare Radio Competition No. 7


Prize: Laser CD
Winner: Dany Ferland
Questions (answers in italics):

1) What is the title of the second offshore radio book by Paul Harris, author of "When Pirates Ruled The Waves"?
To Be A Pirate King
2) On Big L, whose coffee break was sponsored by Camp coffee?
Tony Windsor
3) Graham Cook on BBC Radio Kent, but what was his name on Radio Caroline?
Peter Phillips

 Flare Radio Competition No. 6

Prize: Laser CD
Winner: Paul Balls
Questions (answers in italics):

Which radio station broadcast from the MV Magdalena and in which year did it broadcast?
Radio Mi Amigo in 1979

Flare Radio Competition No. 5

Prize: Laser CD + 20.00 UK Pound gift voucher
Winner: No winner
Questions (answers in italics):

1) In 1970, RNI broadcast briefly as Radio Caroline International. True or false?
2) Flare Radio is currently playing 3 tracks by Manfred Mann. As from 26th May 2003, Flare is helping you by revealing 2 of the titles:
1) Pretty Flamingo
2) Mighty Quinn
3) Name the 3rd track to answer this question.
One In The Middle

Flare Radio Competition No. 4

Prize: Laser CD
Questions (answers in italics):
Winner: Geoff Hutton

1) What was the name and location of Billy Walker's club heavily advertised on Big L in the 60s?
The Uppercut Club
2)How many issues of the 60s free radio magazine "Beatwave" were published?
3) Which 60s dj worked on Big L, Radio 355, and made promos for the Dutch language station, Radio 227?
Tony Windsor
4) Three radio stations in the 60s had offices in Folkestone, UK. What were the names of the stations?
Radio Invicta,  KING Radio, Radio 390.

Flare Radio Competition No. 3

Prize: Any product from Amazon to value of 20.00 UK Pounds/30.00 US Dollars
Winner: No winner
Question (answers in italics):

On what date did the Flare Radio website first appear
4th July 2000.
Laserbeam writes, "I posted a message on the message board dated 16th June 2002, subject "Flare Radio back on air but testing only". It mentioned "for two years Flare Radio has broadcast a mix of offshore radio recordings...etc". This was a clue to a near date. The message board was introduced many months later."

Flare Radio Competition No. 2

Prize: Laser CD
Winner: Danny Johnson
Questions (answers in italics):

1) The Laser record "I Spy For The DTI" was released on which record label?
Farce Records
2) What is the name of the hotel in Zurich heavily promoted on RNI?
The Nova Park Hotel
3) What name did Radio Mi Amigo dj Peter van Dam use when he worked on Caroline?
Peter Brian

Flare Radio Competition No. 1

Prize: Laser CD
Winner: Jon Myer
Question (answer in italics):

What is the missing word from this weekday morning drama which was broadcast by Radio 390 in the sixties???
Paul (Dr. Paul)


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