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Here are a few offshore radio recordings from the Flare Radio archive. They are from original recordings made by the webmaster, and if you hear any of them them elsewhere, then they have certainly been downloaded from this site. Some files have had to be temporarily removed and it hoped to restore these soon.


Radio Monique International

This is an edited recording of Radio Monique International, which broadcast from the MV Ross Revenge between 
16th December 1984 and 24th November 1987 on 319 meters (963kHz). Audio quality is excellent.
Recorded Folkestone, Kent, UK

Radio Mi Amigo

This is an edited recording of Radio Mi Amigo, which broadcast from the MV Mi Amigo between
28th December 1973 and 20th October 1978. Audio quality is excellent.
Recorded Folkestone, Kent, UK

Laser 558 - Charlie Wolf (13.55MB) TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

This is an edited recording of Charlie Wolf on Laser 558 at the height of "Euroseige 85". Quality is very good. Note that this is quite a large file.
Recorded Folkestone, Kent, UK


Radio Delmare (3.58MB)

This is an edited extract of the short lived Radio Delmare from the MV Aegir II recorded in June 1979.
The station broadcast from 2nd June to 28th September 1979 off the Dutch coast. From 21st August to 11th September 1978 Delmare had broadcast from the MV Aegir. Recorded Folkestone, Kent, UK

 Click here for the Radio Delmare website.

Radio Mi Amigo International on 272 metres

1) 1st July 1979 - official first day (1.22MB)
2) 18th July 1979 (1.15MB)

Radio Mi Amigo International broadcast on 272 metres from the MV Magdelena, anchored off the Belgian coast. The first recording is an edited extract from their first official day, 1st July 1979. The second recording features short extracts from 18th July 1979. The station lasted barely 3 months and came to an end in September 1979. Dutch police arrested the Magdelena and her crew when the vessel ran aground on a sandbank off the Dutch coast following a storm. Sadly, the ship ended up as scrap in October 1979. Recorded Folkestone, Kent, UK


Recorded alongside the Mebo II on July 28th 1973

Radio Caroline Revival Hour on Radio Andorra 1969

(PART 1) (863KB)
(PART 2) (419KB)
(PART 3) (379KB)
(PART 4) (219KB)

The Caroline Revival Hour generated a lot of excitement in 1969. The problem was, reception was very poor in the UK and the broadcast was very late at night on 2nd March 1969. I lost count of the number of times Daffy Don Allen said "loud and clear".:
Recorded Folkestone, Kent, UK

Radio Dolfijn

A short lived middle of the road Dutch language station which broadcast from the Laissez Faire following the closedown of Radio England.
Recorded Folkestone, Kent, UK

Radio 227

A top 40 station from the Laissez Faire which appeared after the closedown of Radio Dolfijn see above). The promo features ex BigL dj Tony Windsor, who was working on Radio 355 at the time.
Recorded Folkestone, Kent, UK

Sixties TV news reports
(4.38MB Zip)

These edited TV news reports are from August 14th 1967, the day the Marine Broadcasting Offence Act came into force at midnight.
Recorded Folkestone, Kent, UK


On 205 metres, next to metres Radio Luxembourg on 208, Radio Monte Carlo International broadcast pop m music after midnight, but lasted only 3 months. Despite having the huge talents of  ex-offshore radio djs, Tommy Vance, Dave Cash and Kenny Everett (with a revived "Kenny and Cash show) the station was not a commercial success.
Recorded Folkestone, Kent, UK


Listen to  the daily changeover from Radio Atlantis to Radio Seagull. This is an extract of a broadcast from the MV Mi Amigo, and contains a "message for the office".  Date unknown.
Recorded Brentwood, Essex, UK


This rally in support of the Dutch pirates was well attended. In this recording you can hear some directions being given for our march to Downing Street and the Dutch Embassy. I remember marching to the sound of the excellent landbased pirate station Radio Kaleidoscope, blasting out of numerous portable radios. If anyone knows the exact date of the rally, please email me:
Recorded London, UK



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